Tradex as Steel Manufacturer

As the continuing walk of Tradex within the global construction industry providing quality steel products at best value with large and cutting-edge technology make Tradex as one of the most sought-after steel manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates thru Tradex Engineering Industries LLC located in the emirate of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Launched after the rising demand in steel fabrication, Tradex steel manufacturing, which was borne from the expertise and success of its management, known today as a reliable steel fabricating company offering a wide range of service upholding its promise of delivering timely and quality products.

Thus, the company has been dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction, achieve a sustainable growth and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with clients in business. At Tradex, we look after the best interests of the society, hence, its sustainability.

Tradex has also vowed to care for the environment, promote the growth of the people while building an organization that espouses Integrity, Excellence, Interdependence and Customer Orientation.

Over the years, Tradex has produce several steel products for formwork, industrial steel parts, steel ladders, loading platforms, workout equipment ( Liftdex ) and even special type of products.

As such, Tradex Engineering Industries LLC is a preferred company of steel fabrication.

Why Tradex is your ideal choice?