We are Tradex!

Tradex LLC is known today as one of United Arab Emirates’ leading engineering and manufacturing companies. Throughout its corporate life, Tradex has demonstrated its capability to serve a wide variety of projects ranging from simple villas to multi-storey residential buildings, high rise hotels to large commercial complexes.

Through continuing research, Tradex is a pioneer in the application of advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies in the United Arab Emirates. It is renowned for completing technologically complex projects with safety and cost effective as its main goal. With the help of its extensive manufacturing facility, Tradex cater a wide variety of projects such as construction materials mainly formworks and scaffolding. It enjoys the patronage of both new and repeat institutional clients.

The story began when an entrepreneur learned valuable insights of what engineering, manufacturing and trading is all about – the planning, preparation, implementation, and the systems involved and put up his own company in United Arab Emirates bearing the name, Tradex LLC. Equipped with a vision, dedication and passion in the field of construction, this entrepreneur who strive hard to reach the top market in United Arab Emirates, founded Tradex LLC on 1977.

Starting from selling of small pieces of construction accessories for contracting companies, Tradex has earned the reputation for the economical, safe and quality products. Pushed by the rising demand in steel fabrication, it rapidly diversifies, adding its steel fabrication facility to respond and move forward in construction industry and worldwide advancement. It understands the complex compliance requirements in bringing the quality and on time products. Upon the continuing walk for excellence and challenged to have a sustainable development, Tradex introduce aluminium solutions to their clients to provide high quality construction works and services. It leverages the engineering expertise and construction resources, while promoting development. Since major projects such as commercial building and hotels were awarded.

In only a few years after, the Company has expanded its business organization to include two major subsidiaries, namely: Tradex Engineering LLC and Tradex FZCO.

Tradex Engineering Industries LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary, is engaged in manufacturing services. It has the capability to mass produce vast system of formwork and scaffolding products. Tradex Engineering LLC is currently one of the leaders in the United Arab Emirates’ manufacturing industry, noted for quality products delivered on time and its pioneering application of advanced engineering methodology. In addition, Tradex Engineering LLC, together with its affiliate Tradex FZCO, is actively engaged in manufacturing and development, maintaining its integrity and customer service satisfaction.

Tradex FZCO, another wholly owned subsidiary, is engaged in trading business-generating investments primarily through its participation on worldwide market and other trading activities. These ventures generate not only investment income but also business for Tradex LLC and Tradex Engineering LLC. Currently, Tradex FZCO, is actively engaged in trading business and development.

With more than four decades of solid track record in the formwork and scaffolding business, Tradex enjoyed continued patronage of institutional clients such as educational institutions, industrial, international and multinational companies. These companies had sought the services of Tradex and still are using the company’s services.