Formwork and Scaffolding Expert

As one of the leading organizations in United Arab Emirates that has been in operation for over 40 years specializing in a complete range of formwork and scaffolding products, we endeavour to deliver the highest quality of workmanship to our clients. Starting from manufacturing up to delivery of items, we ensure that the quality and time frame are maintained at all levels.

We offered a wide variety of formworks and scaffolding products depending on clients’ requirements as Tradex will give the safest and most economical system that will fit the projects’ necessity. We have the most versatile and easy to use system with minimal components and bolt free connections which is beneficial to the convenience of site workforce to get the job done.

Access Specialist

Tradex LLC also caters the supply of various solutions to access requirements. We have our in-house branded series ‘ALPHA’ and German origin ‘ZARGES’. We accommodate domestic requirements from ladders to stools and towers. Oil and gas specialized access products are also within our range. Our growth in the regions has expanded and sought the attention of the global market to compete and exhibit various access design concept. Tradex gives every client the mark of durable and quality products ensuring that we go beyond expectations.


Our engineering division is staffed by proficient engineers working with the latest computer aided design drawing systems and solutions. Every project is handled with priority and importance from enquiry, planning, preparation and up to project execution as our engineers are experienced enough to come up with ideas that will exceed the client’s expectations. Knowledge in formwork and scaffolding design will be Tradex’s trademark as it helps solving different situations encountered on site. We have the perspective to continuously innovate all the formwork and scaffolding system necessary for the growth and improvement of the organization.

Rail and Aviation Services

It is our goal to provide our customers with rail and aircraft support equipment suited to the needs of your facility, and it is our policy to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a unique perspective on your rail and aviation maintenance requirements because with over decades of hands-on experience in the aviation and rail arena, we have an exclusive understanding of your needs. We have extensive knowledge and background in rail and aviation making us qualified specialists with vision enough to explore original solutions for your maintenance needs. All of our maintenance access platforms provide critical fall protection, ensure worker safety, and meet or exceed all standards and regulations. We are dedicated in developing the most innovative maintenance platforms through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs.

Steel Fabrication

Tradex LLC offers an extensive array of services in line of steel fabrication. Focused on its expertise in the design and fabrication of steel, it also provides strategic advice to its customers during the crucial planning stages of the project. This has earned a good reputation in the construction industry for successful completion of complex and specialized fabricated steel that always pass strict quality standards. Thus, clients can be assured that our dedicated team of engineers, supervisors, safety officers and office personnel are well-equip to cater to their needs.

Aluminium Solution

The consistent demand of aluminium products during this period is highly essential in construction business. Light weight building materials are launched nowadays to provide better construction methodologies. To meet this, Tradex saw it as an opportunity to fast track the acquisition of its own aluminium business and offer the market different aluminium products. Our confidence to enter the new millennium is backed by an advance machineries, professionals and reliable suppliers. Tradex firmly adhered to its standards of high-grade quality, reasonable price, prompt deliveries and most importantly, remarkable customer satisfaction.