Black Scaffold Tube
July 10, 2019


Props are used in temporary scaffolding, concrete form work and shuttering support. Props sizes are customized in height, inner tube,outer tube and top and bottom plate size and shape.

According to the load cacity of the props,there are light duty, middle duty and heavy duty props.

Light Duty Props are used for normal concrete slab formwork and beam formwork support, which is produced by a thinner scaffold inner tube and outer tube. Middle Duty Props are heavier load capacity used for thicker concreting support.

Heavy duty props are heaviest props used for heavy infrastructural construction, civil construction,industrial construction and commercial construction form work shuttering.

All types of formwork props can be finished in painted, hot dip galvanized or zinc-plated. There are normal steel props with top and bottom base plate, props with forkhead and u head, push and pull scaffolding formwork props, bridge leg post, shoring props with cup sleeve,struts, etc.

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