H20 beams Dubai

We are pleased to present our Company as one of the market pioneers in Supplying H20 beams, Dubai. TRADEX H20 beams can be utilized in any sort of formworks. They have a high load limit throughout their length and are easy to handle.

The TRADEX H20 Beam is widely popular for good reason. 

Quality and Safety:
Dimensional steadiness and recovery limit after application of load. High load limit all throughout their length. Security against dampness, knocks and chipping.
Easy handling and quick assembly. Least weight.
It can be utilized commonly. The great ratio between cost and usage. Simple storage.
Perfect for use with formwork board. Backings can be placed anytime. Can be utilized in any sort of formwork.
h20 beams dubai
We mostly focus on giving compatible and comprehensive solutions for various industries in UAE. TRADEX was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then the organization has developed and extended in the field of providing/Renting different brands of Formwork and Scaffolding frameworks to suit all development Industries. TRADEX can furnish the required engineering services associated with outline, supervision and detailing to meet the client prerequisites.
Over years of expertise in Formwork and Scaffolding supplies, we specialize in an entire range of Scaffolding products which we cater to both sales and rental services. TRADEX has one of the largest stock and ability to supply on order instantly to client necessities which range from Countries within GCC region to the UK and further.
Our Mission is to deliver quality H20 Beams and formwork accessories that comply with statutory controls and meeting client prerequisite on time and at a reasonable cost.
If you are looking for H20 Beams on a sale or hire basis? Connect with us.