About Us

We Introduce Tradex LLC to you.

A reliable Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor of scaffolding, Formwork and Access Equipment’s

Manufacturing Facility 

Our manufacturing facility (Sharjah & Abu Dhabi) have the capability to mass produce system scaffolding based on customer needs. We have very extensive engineering departments that can work with customers in order to manufacturer specialized products in both Steel and Aluminium. Our engineering department ensures that product, manufacturing and delivery are met within a time frame and we value our customers who have been working with us for over 30-35 years.

Scaffolding Division

We are a Dubai-based organization that has been in operation for over 40 years. We specialize in a complete range of Scaffolding items and products of which we cater to both sales and rental services. Tradex has one of the largest stock and ability to supply on order immediately to customer requirements which range from Countries within the GCC region to the UK and further.
We have Distribution yards as well as Manufacturing yards in Dubai Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. These strategic locations work together in order to meet our customer requirements and deliver quality in a timely manner.

 Access Solutions

Our range includes the supply of various solutions to access requirements. We have our in house Banded series ‘ALPHA’ as well as German Origin ‘ZARGES’. We can cater from domestic requirements from ladders to stools and towers as well as Oil and Gas specialized access products which are manufacturer to specification.
Our growth in the regions has also allowed us to enter the aviation industry where we cater docking system and solutions as well as Logistic boxes for transportation purposes. A full range can be seen in the products section for more detail.

Tradex’sDesign and Engineering

Tradex’sDesign and Engineering department work fully with contractors to provide full drawing, calculation and estimation of material. Our Rental/Sales division assist in the process of supply for the said project thereafter.

Our Premises 

Factory vehicles
factory 3
Factory forklift

Our Range Includes:


Kwikstage & Cuplock, Support and Access

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Tubes, Boards, Couplers, Spanners

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Ladders – Aluminium, Timber and Fibre Glass

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Aluminium and Steel Access Towers

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Castor Wheels – Alpha and Revvo UK

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Safety Personal Equipment eg: Harness, Retriever Pulley

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Aircraft solutions and maintenance

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Rail system and solutions

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We have a wide customer base and we cater to customer in the whole Gulf and Middle East upto Beirut and Iraq and as far as the United Kingdom and Australia.


    • To produce quality products that comply with statutory regulations and meeting customer requirement on time and at a fair price.
    • Reach target growth levels by means of employee training in health and safety, create skills and eliminate waste by having full understanding of the service we provide and equipment we use.
    • Above all having an experienced, trained, all year round company, manned by professionals.
    • Demanding of ourselves continuous improvement in all areas of our operations and services.
    • Ensuring continued client satisfaction by improving our services in order to fulfill exact detailed requirement.
    • eXtra effort and diligence in ensuring that we produce products of the highest quality “On Time” “All the Time”.